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Deceptive websites!

Deceptive websites! It is said that 'imitation is the best form of flattery' so we at Readypave should feel doubly flattered by the amount of companies on the internet that are passing our work off as their own!  It is not uncommon for companies to use stock images (mostly of American work) to show areas, such as...

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Does a new Driveway need Planning Permission?

Does a new Driveway need Planning Permission? This is a common area of confusion for members of the public.  Readypave Limited is able to install virtually all Driveways to comply with Environment Agency Planning Legislation without the need for Planning Permission.  If the Driveway requires the making of a new entrance from the car...

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Alternative product for clearing ice and snow from Imprinted Concrete Driveways

As most people know rock salt or grit can be very corrosive to Patterned Concrete and harmful to plants if left in prolonged contact. There are some new products being sold for the safe and effective removal and prevention of snow and ice during the winter months. I have seen it being sold as "Ice m...

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Resealing of Pattern Imprinted Concrete Paving

Resealing of Pattern Imprinted Concrete Paving Pattern Imprinted Concrete requires the minimum of maintenance to keep it looking good for years to come.   We often receive calls from people who have had their drive or patio for many years asking if we can " put the colour back into the concrete ". If the paving is looking dull, dirty an...

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Dealing with snow and ice on Imprinted Concrete Paving

With regards to your Imprinted Concrete during icy and snowy conditions it is ok to use small amounts of salt if conditions are very bad but the problem arises when we get a cold and dry spell like the winter of 2010 as the surface doesn’t get rinsed off and the salt is in contact with the con...

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Pattern Imprinted Concrete reinstatement

Pattern Imprinted Concrete reinstatement Due to the quantity of Imprinted Concrete Driveways and Patios installed, it is inevitable that some of these properties are going to require excavation work carried out. The beauty of the imprinted concrete system is that if it has been created using the correct materials then areas that need takin...

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Poolside Paving

Poolside Paving Considerations Swimming Pools - we'd all like one, but if you're lucky enough to have one or if you're considering installing one, you'll want to make sure that you can make the best use of it as possible (weather permitting…) One of the most important considerations for making the most of ...

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Insurance Backed Guarantees

Many paving companies offer what are known as Insurance Backed Guarantees with their work. These are not just for the Pattern Imprinted Concrete industry, but also with Tarmac, Block Paving and Indian Sandstone.  Having been asked in the past if we would offer this feature it has prompted us t...

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Slippery Pattern Imprinted Concrete Paving

We find that one of the major concerns people have about Pattern Imprinted Concrete is that it can be very slippery. As with all products there are drawbacks if the work isn't carried out in the correct way.We often get called out to remedy imprinted concrete paving that is slippery, especially ...

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