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Alternative product for clearing ice and snow from Imprinted Concrete Driveways

Published on 13th Dec 2013.

As most people know rock salt or grit can be very corrosive to Patterned Concrete and harmful to plants if left in prolonged contact. There are some new products being sold for the safe and effective removal and prevention of snow and ice during the winter months. I have seen it being sold as "Ice melt" and also "Magic Ice Melt". Apparently it is an alternative chemical that is actually more effective and cleaner to use than grit salt without affecting the surface of the imprinted concrete or the acrylic sealant. I have seen it on sale at the Lakeland store at Bridgemere Garden World between Stoke on Trent and Nantwich, I beleive that there are also Lakeland stores in Shrewsbury and Chester.It is also on sale at Macro in Stoke as well as being available online, I got a 10Kg bag delivered from for around £20 . Having researched the product as much as possible it looks like a safe and very convenient solution for using on decorative concrete paths and drives over the winter.