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Resealing of Pattern Imprinted Concrete Paving

Published on 13th Dec 2013.

Resealing of Pattern Imprinted Concrete Paving
Pattern Imprinted Concrete requires the minimum of maintenance to keep it looking good for years to come.
We often receive calls from people who have had their drive or patio for many years asking if we can " put the colour back into the concrete ". If the paving is looking dull, dirty and drab then this is a good sign that it is in need of a good clean and re-coating with an Acrylic Lacquer.
Generally the colour has not actually faded, it is either being masked by dirt or poorly applied sealer, or requires the application of a fresh coat of sealant to enhance the colour of the concrete ( rather like varnishing a piece of wood brings out its natural colour ).
A good indication of the fact that the Decorative Concrete surface colour is intact is how it looks when it is wet. If the presence of the moisture on the Pattern imprinted Concrete surface enhances the colour to near what it should look like then all is well.
At the same time we always include a non-slip additive in the sealant coating which adresses any issues which may occur with an over polished surface.
The process is usually not very expensive and can often literally bring the paving back to looking like new.
A word of caution with regards to Resealing of the concrete is to do with the multitude of concrete paving sealants available at D.I.Y. stores and builders merchants. The problem arises with compatibility with the sealant already used on the surface of the concrete, and can result in the beneficial effect being either very short lived or reacting and creating a milky white effect which can then be an expensive remedial.
There also seems to be rather a lot of guys knocking on doors of people asking if they would like their drive resealed ( generally a good price for cash is given if you decide now ). It is better to avoid these deals as the ones we have been called on to sort out are often  slippery, painted or expensive to rectify. Any problems with the sealant applied will often not show up for a few weeks, by which time the guys that have done the work ( driveway sealing specialists apparently ) can be difficult to locate. We actually have guys claiming that they do all of the resealing for Readypave. I can assure you we do not subcontract any work out.
If you feel that your paving would benefit from a new coat of sealant,you would like to buy some sealant for your own use or would just like some advise just give us a call.